6 -Purchasing Save/Load Slot-

"Hao Xiaogang actually works for a hidden cultivator. No one knows who he is, but everyone knows he has deep cultivation. Rumors circulating that the hidden expert was from a huge sect. Even the city lord didn't dare to find trouble with him." the captain said.

"Rumor has it that, the hidden cultivator was actually wounded during a battle and is recovering. He needs Hao Xiaogang to do some chores for him. In return, he allowed him to use his name as a deterrent." The other city guard quipped.

Long Jun looked conflicted for a few seconds before thinking of something and said, "Leaving this hidden cultivator aside, who else is there as his backer?"

"Nobody, I think. Besides, he is a Martial Elder level cultivator himself. He got enough power to handle himself in this city and neighboring few." The captain shrugged his shoulders and drank from his cup.

"I see. Okay. Thank you for your information." After that, Long Jun returned to his seat. On the other hand, the captain and his two brothers discreetly left the shop and ran away from the premise. The moment Long Jun asked about Hao Xiaogang they knew something bad would happen. Now when he admitted that someone had invested a sum of money on his head, they were clear that a blood bath gonna happen in here at any moment. They wanted no part in it.

Seeing them leaving in a hurry, Long Jun laughed lightly and shook his head.

"Sir, here is your order. Please enjoy it." The maid returned with his order and calmly place it on the table. She bowed to him once again and left.


The doorbell chimed loudly, followed by a loud shout.

"Luan Luan, where are you? Come here and greet me. Bring me my regular drink, hahaha!!"

Attracted by the shout, Long Jun looked up and found a massive hulking man with bulging muscles. He wore black robes, above which a glittering gold armor could be seen. On his back, a huge battle ax was hanging, giving off a bloody aura that suffocated the whole bar in an instant.

The whole place, which was buzzing with activity a few minutes ago instantly quitted. Everyone stared at the new arrival with a hint of fear and hate. This behavior was enough for Long Jun to have a guess on the man's identity.

The huge man came in long strides and sat down on a seat that was made of some precious looking material. This seat was to the side of the door where no one dared to sit on it even though it was empty.

Long Jun stared at him for the better half of a minute, trying to guess his cultivation level. Unfortunately, his system didn't have a scanning function. Feeling that he shouldn't waste any more time, Long Jun stood up and walked steadily towards the large man.

"Are you Hao Xiaogang?" Long Jun changed his voice with the application of a little qi in his body, which gave him a deep baritone voice.

"Huh! Who are you? How did you know my name?" the muscular man became alert and asked with narrowed eyes.

"So you are him…thank's for clarifying." As Long Jun said so, he unscathed his saber from his back, and using all the strength in his body, he stabbed it at Hao Xiaogang's eyes. At the same time, he used Martial skill, One stab and Fire Saber Qi, one after another to have a better increase in power.

At the expense of 600 profound qi, his attack value first increased by 200% and the further increased by 120%, making it 23,100.

Hao Xiaogang, although was ready for anything, but was caught unprepared for the saber qi imbued saber coming his way. But he wasn't an expert for nothing, in less than a fraction of seconds, he channeled cultivation base of 1st level Martial Elder to the limit and tried to back away. Unfortunately, Long Jun was two levels higher than him, and in cultivation, even a single sublevel could bring enormous changes, not to mention two huge levels.

Before he could even think of taking a single step back or voicing his thoughts about his backer, Long Jun's saber already penetrated through his eyes and came out of the other side.

"Critical strike!!"

"Opponent will receive 10x damage."


"You have killed a 1st Stage Martial elder cultivator. Gained 10,000 EXP"

"You have received:

1. +2 bone washing pills

2. +10 Returning Qi pills

3. +1 Yellow rank Martial Technique

4. +1 Yellow rank cultivation technique

5. 5k gold coins

6. 3rd rank Beast Hide chest plate.

7. Medallion Token of a Martial Spirit level cultivator.

"Hmm! That's a hefty haul. I like it." Before Long Jun could rejoice more, another notification came.

"You have killed a crooked cultivator who has offended the very heavens with his actions. You have gained +5 Merit Points."

"Huh! Wait! What? Merit Points? Isn't Merit Quests are the only ones that could give me Merit points?" although he was surprised, something else was happening to him. So, without waiting a single second, he executed his agility type martial skill and ran away from the shop.

At the same time, all hell broke loose as people surrounding realized exactly what happened. Chaos broke immediately, as the bar thrown in disarray.

Arriving at an unpopulated alleyway, Long Jun opened his mask and immediately bend over at the wall, vomiting everything he had eaten that morning. Despite having all the memories and experience of previous Long Jun, it was still his first time killing a human. When he stabbed the sword, that squishy feeling as well as blood and the look of despair on his eyes, it gave Long Jun crept and made his stomach upset, to the point of vomiting.

After completely emptying his stomach, he slowly fell to the ground and sat there with his back pushed to the wall opposite. He also hyperventilated for a few minutes before the experience of previous Long Jun came in and calmed his mind. Long Jun shook his head. Thanks to the memories, he didn't experience a mental break down just now, or else, it would have been very dangerous.

After all, on earth, killing someone is a crime and was considered against God's will.

After killing Hao Xiaogang, he didn't receive any mission completion notification, that means he really had to settle it with Hao Teng. Shaking his head once again, he masked his face and left for the forest beside the city. According to information, that's where he was currently.

Executing his agility based martial skill, he vanished and hurried for the forest, which was his initial goal.

After going through the back gate of the city, Long Jun arrived at the entrance of the forest. It was nothing special, just red paved way that goes into a deep forest where sunlight barely enters. According to his memories, this forest was filled with rank 1 demons beasts and even a few Rank 2's, but they were hidden deep inside the forest.

A Rank 1 demon beast strength could vary from anywhere between Martial Disciple to Martial Elder realm by human standards. As a 3rd ranked Martial Elder level cultivator, this made the perfect place for him to level up. Right now, he needs 400k EXP to level up to the 4th level of Martial Elder, and he had already accumulated 35k EXP after killing Hao Xiaogang and the cultivation done by previous Long Jun.

He had yet to kill a rank 1 demon beast, so he couldn't tell for sure how much exp they would give, and how difficult it would be to kill them. But before venturing into the forest, he had to do something.

Going to the Merit Store, he directly clicked on the small segment that mentioned [+1 save/load slot]. After killing Hao Xiaogang, he received 5 merit points, including the one he had before, his total merit point now became 6. So now, he can, but at least 3 save/load slots. But he didn't need that many though.

"Are you willing to purchase a Save/Load slot?"

"Ding!! You have purchased a Save/Load slot. 2 merit points are deducted from your saved points. You now have 4 merit points."

"Save/Load panel is now added to your status screen. Please click on the slot to save your progress at any time of the day. You can also overwrite the progress and use it repeatedly."

"Ding!! You will need 50 EXP to save your progress and 20 EXP to load your progress at any given moment."

"Thank you purchase…"

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