5 -Long Jun’s Philosophy-

Long Jun's logic was simple, he would directly strike the roots to make the whole tree fall. He had read too many such another world type novels to know the general flow of things. He would defeat him now, then the guy will be coming next time with his daddy to take revenge…and the cycle would continue forever. Long Jun didn't want to give his enemies the benefit of time, he would strike and sweep away his enemies in one go.

After killing the target's ultimate reliance, the target would fall automatically.

Long Jun followed the address given by the young shop owner and arrived at Fantasy Bar, the place where Hao Xiaogang frequents. Giving it one look, he entered through the front gate. After going through the simple cloth screen, a wave of fragrance hit his nostrils, making him little weird and mellowed.

"Toxin Resistance acquired!"

"Toxin Resistance Lv 1"

"Proficiency: 10/100"

Long Jun didn't give it much thought. He knew this thing would common from now on.

He looked everywhere, taking in the scenery around him. He was quite surprised how elegant and refined a simple bar looks like in this world. The ambiance wasn't like a bar at all, its more like a tea shop for relaxing.

'Even a bar has such class!! It's so different from what I used to in earth…' Long Jun thought of this and took a seat near a window. After that, he waited for his target to appear.

"Young sir, what will you take?" a few minutes later, a petite and beautiful girl with beautiful features appeared, wearing a simple white waitress dress. She wore a beautiful smile on her face, and now that she was leaning a little at him, Long Jun could see the deep valley between her two white mountains. He stealthily gulped a mouthful of air to calm his rapidly beating heart.

In his past life, he was a virgin, which sadly same in this world too. To cultivate the Dragon's breath true Qi, a high amount of pure Yang qi was required. Not only that, primordial Yang qi, which was left-over from the mother's womb, was also required to build its foundation. For this, Long Jun of this world was not allowed to partake in any sexual activities. But that's not the worst, to generate pure Yang qi, arousal was needed. That's why his father had arranged all female bodyguards back then to make him as aroused as possible. The more pent of lust he has, the more he would generate the pure yang Qi.

Remembering this extreme method, Long Jun couldn't help but shiver. To have sexy females around but not allowed to touch them…anyone would go insane at the prospect. It was a wonder that the previous Long Jun sustained his sanity for this long.

After gaining his system, he didn't need to partake in such cruel cultivation. All he had to do was to kill anyone, and he would gain EXP and level up in realms.

The waitress continued to smile, pretending to not see Long Jun's unbridled stare at her secret place. As a worker of this place, she was required to give some services, and things like this were expected and was a part of the job. By now, she had already gotten used to this.

Long Jun regained his composure and coughed to his hands. Then he blushed secretly. Clearing his throat again, he just ordered a glass of refreshing drink.

"Thank you for ordering. Your order will be here shortly." Saying so with a smile, the waitress excused herself and went to greet other customers. After her retreat, Long Jun managed to compose himself enough. It was really very embarrassing for him to caught stare at her chest like that.

Then he looked around and found a group of city guard pooling around a table and harassing a waitress. Despite that, the waitress didn't reject and even allowed them to shamelessly touch her. A smile crept upon Long Jun's face. Standing up, he strode towards the group and pulled a chair to sit beside them.

"Hello, gentlemen! Mind if I sit here for a few minutes?" Long Jun smiled, although it wasn't visible due to the mask. At the same time, he pulled out a gold coin from his pocket and started to play with it. As expected, the gathered city guards eyes instantly glued to the gold coin. One of the regained his bearing and smiled his sincerest smile.

"Of course, brother. We won't mind. Xiao'er pour this brother a glass of your finest wine…" the man ordered the waitress whom they were harassing with a smile like a gentleman. The waitress continued to smile and nodded her head, then excused herself.

"Haha! No need. I just ordered something for myself." Long Jun denied politely.

"How can that be? This wine is on me, this Bao En's." the man patted his chest and exclaimed. It's at this time the other two regained their senses and looked at the man with an ugly look, cursing their own inability to adapt that fast.

"But…" before Long Jun could complete, the other two jumped into the conversation. One of them with a mole on his face smiled wretchedly and said, "don't worry. It's a treat from us brothers."

"Haha! No need. I am here because I want something from you." Long Jun cut the chase and said with a hushed voice. The three city guards leaned on to hear clearly what this man had to say.

"You know Hao Xiaogang?" Long Jun started, staring at the city guards. The moment the name was uttered, a weird silence permeated through the earlier boisterous table. The three guards had a grave look and nodded their head.

Long Jun smiled when he saw this, with a wave of his hand, the coin landed in the middle of the table, making a tattering noise as it did so. "Someone has offered a hefty sum of money for his head. I don't know who he had offended, but that person was especially specific about his target. Therefore, I want to ask you if you know anything interesting about this Hou Xiaogang?"

The three city guard remain silent for a few breaths. Long Jun smiled, their silence indicated that they indeed know something internal. He took out two more gold coins and placed them atop the single gold coin on the middle of the table. Nonetheless, as a Martial Elder level cultivator, things like gold coins held no meaning to him. Just by exposing his cultivation and accepting a few missions in mercenary guild anonymously could earn hin hundreds of gold coins. Not to mention he was a sect master of a previously powerful sect.

As an earthling, Long Jun knew a universal truth. Money talks!

With money, one can bend any type of rules. Long Jun had decided to use any method available to him to ensure his survival. He had decided to abandon things like chivalry, kindness to enemies, and even useless behaviors like arrogance. He had vowed to not fall in the typical pitfalls that main characters of this type of novels tend to fall into.

By hook or by crook, he would climb the ladder of strength and ensure his survival. That the philosophy he decided to follow in this new world. in a way, after coming to this new world, Long Jun could now be himself and not pretend to be someone he wasn't.

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