2 -Conspiracy Theories-

"Are you kidding me?" even after half an hour, Long Jun still couldn't believe it. A system, unexpectedly a system had popped up. He had read many fictions about other worlders gaining system as a bonus, thereby making their journey to top a walk in the park. Unexpectedly, he had also joined the club.

The system was pretty normal, except for two things, one the Merit point system and the tab that's showing the sect's status. "What are they for?" Long Jun wondered for a few minutes. This unique sect system was giving some amount of EXP, and profound Qi every day, which means there was some relation to this sect and him getting stronger.

Pushing the matter to the back of his mind, for the time being, he clicked on the Merit points tab to see its feature. The description said anything was possible, which was pretty vague. He wanted to know exactly what 'everything' encompasses according to this system.

[Merit Points]

The creation is nothing but an intricate system, a machine that controls everything according to the law of creation set forth when everything came into existence. But this system can be used, bent to anyone's will; this rigid system can be controlled, but for that, a key is required. The key is what called 'Merit Points'

With enough Merit Points, the system can bend to the user's will, allowing you to become the GOD of the multiverse.

But, obtaining Merit Points are harder than scaling to heaven. To even gain a single point of Merit, countless actions that worthy of heavens to be done.


"Okay, it's not helpful at all…what is this story-like definition? System? Machine? If those religious guys see this, I am pretty sure they would go nuts calling blasphemy to everything…wiat a minute! GOD? You mean to say that anyone can become a god as long as they have enough Merit Points?" at this time, Long Jun realized a very terrifying truth. A truth, if revealed, could have condemned to life long damnation or probably death if he was back on earth.

"Gulp!! Shit!! I should stop this instant…no more thinking on this…nope! Jun, you are not gonna think of this again! yes." Long Jun shook his head, getting rid of the terrifying images that popped up. At the same time, he thanked the heavens that he wasn't a religious guy, or else the shock would have been too much for him.


At this time, someone knocked on the door. Jun already knew it was Ling'er who had come with an old man with a long beard. His senses were sharper than what he could remember back from the earth, giving him quite trouble at times.

"Come in." posing as a dignified master, he adopted the normal pose as what he could remember from Long Jun's memories.

"Master, Grand elder has come to see you." Ling'er announced and then excused herself, not before giving one last glance at Long Jun. She couldn't tell it for clear, but somehow, she felt this young master was quite different from the past.

'Eeh! Get hold of yourself, Ling'er. You don't want to embarrass yourself in front of the master and grand elder, do you?' Ling'er shook her head and ran away.

Back in the room, Long Jun and the grand elder stared at each other silently. Long Jun felt uncomfortable of the silence and finally opened his mouth, but before he could, the old man started speaking: "I believe, you owe me an apology. No, not only me, to that little girl as well…do not you think so?" after that, he started to stroke his long beard rhythmically.

"An apology? For what?" Long Jun stared in confusion. He was really confused as he couldn't remember doing anything that would cost him an apology. Even if he had done something wrong, that the other guy, not him. Long Jun even suspect for a second that he was discovered.

"Hmph! You still say that? You…how dare you to commit suicide when this Dongfang Ji'an is still alive? Are you still a scion of the Long family? I didn't remember you to be a coward? Are you that heartless to leave this old man and that little girl behind? Huh!! Its thanks to me arriving on time, that you managed to survive with cultivation still intact…if not…how, could I face your grandfather in the afterlife if something happens to you? You..you…unfilial son!!" the old man suddenly exploded, his cultivation pushed down on Long Jun like a mountain. But it didn't hurt him in the slightest, it only made him a little uncomfortable.

But what made him miserable was the look of hurt in the old man's eyes. Despite not being the one who committed the deed, he felt very guilty, especially when he knew that the guy was actually dead.

"I am sorry, grandpa." Long Jun apologized. He felt he owed to the guy on whose body he was currently residing in. He felt that since he was the one who controls this body now, he should do at least this much, after all, from today onwards they will be his family.

"Sigh! I know what you experienced was really too much for you to bear, I know how much you are enduring, how much you are suffering due to the mistakes of your predecessor. If not for your father's foolish actions during his youth, the sect wouldn't have fallen to this stage. But, you should remember that you are a cultivator, not a mere mortal.

If you are humiliated, you must get stronger and take revenge. We, cultivators, wash away our humiliation with blood…we didn't do foolish actions like suicide. Sigh! Promise me that you won't do such foolish actions again in the future. Promise me on your internal demons."

"I promise, grandpa, I won't do such foolish actions again in the future. I definitely won't do such things in the future." Long Jun nodded and solemnly promised while thinking in his heart 'what a joke, I would never suicide just because of some humiliation. My skin is thick enough to endure almost anything.'

"Hmm! Okay, you should rest, and it would better if you do not cultivate at all for a month. Your DanTian needs time to completely heal to its former form. I will go administer the disciples training." The old man smiled and prepared to leave.

"Wait, grandpa, I have something to discuss with you." Long Jun decided to reveal the cause behind the real one's death. It wasn't because he wanted to take revenge, but, the whole situation felt a little weird to him.

"What is it?" the old man stopped and stared at Long Jun, waiting for him to start speaking.

"Didn't you think yesterday's event a little strange?" Long Jun asked.

"Strange?" The old man looked puzzled. He was busy with saving Long Jun, and later restoring his depleted qi as well as depleted cultivation, so he didn't have enough time to investigate the matter.

"Yeah. That clan, what's its name…yeah, Duan clan…they only have a Martial cultivator and a Martial elder among their ranks as pillars…then how come they have enough balls to do such thing to me. No matter how depleted our sect was, it still has a cultivator of your rank, and I, myself, am not a pushover either. How come they thought of such disposable plan? No, even if they have thought of this, how come they dare to work upon it? I find this extremely strange." Long Jun was a man from information generation, a world, where people tend to think from all the direction and even outside of the box. Of course, that didn't mean it made people more intelligent, on the contrary, due to this 'outside the box' thinking, it made them more prone to violence and war.

He just wanted to look at this matter from a different angle.

"Hmph! Isn't that because they got themselves a pretty tight backing? From many generations, the Duan clan was a vassal clan for the sect, so it was no wonder they would try to kick us while we are down by colluding with others." The old man obviously knew about this matter, he even imprisoned those disciples who got caught by the family in anger. He felt even more incensed when he saw their subtle but smug face. He wanted to murder them on the spot.

"But that's too easy, don't you think so?" Long Jun looked at the old man before sitting down on the chair beside his bed.

"Huh!" the old man clearly didn't understand what Long Jun meant.

"I mean, don't you think it's just too simple? I mean, look, all it took was a split second to deduce the whole plan. When we realize this, we will deploy our full strength to erase the family from the map. Boom! And over. Case closed. Do you think a family that strived for a thousand years already want that? Even if they get themselves a backing, do you think they would do something so provoking as humiliate me just for the fun of it while endangering their survival? I don't think so. They are not kids, after all." Long Jun raised a valid point. His intensive knowledge from reading countless Isekai/other world novels helped him smell the fishy smell on this whole thing.

The old man startled when he heard Jun's reasoning. His countenance changed instantly, as if, he suddenly realized something. Taking a deep breath, he mumbled, "It's a trap! It's a trap meant to kill us both…no…not both, only me."

"That's right. A trap meant to kill only you, and while doing so, the one who laid it wanted to make it look like its an accident. I don't know if my conjecture is right or not, whoever wanted you and by extension me, dead didn't want to reveal their identity. At the same time, they didn't want to harm the sect itself…I wonder why?" Long Jun dragged on the last word as he looked at the roof. He was also feeling a light sense of crisis. It's not even day since his reincarnation, but there was already someone after his head.

This was a very troubling matter for him.

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