Supreme Sovereign Of Martial World Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Supreme Sovereign Of Martial World


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University student, Long Jun, transmigrated to another world, into the body of a young sect master of a deteriorating sect. Not only that, but he was also somehow come into the possession of a powerful system that would make him stronger by killing or completing quests and literally allow him to do anything in exchange for ‘Merit Points.’ How to obtain these merit points? Completing, System given missions. Helping people in need, killing crooked people and vanquishing demons. Thankfully, in this new world, where the law of the jungle prevailed, and strong devoured weak daily, where demons and devils were a common occurrence; gaining merit points would be as easy as taking a breath. With a system that literally forced him to be a nosey person, Long Jun started to take his first step towards becoming the Supreme Sovereign of this new world as well as many more.


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