1 I Land of Gods

(Author Notes: Before reading, know that there are many grammar mistakes and errors (Only the first few arcs when I had only one year of learning English), but I'll be correcting and updating the chapters from time to time with not many changes to the plot. I have a bit more than two a half years since I first started learning English by myself and only a year later did I gathered courage to begin this novel as a way to make me learn faster. I'm still making progress, for now I will try my best to correct my mistakes and make sure my precious readers won't waste their time.)

In the copper town, a small town located on the northern border of the Thunder Hammer Kingdom. A boy was running in the streets with seven guards behind him.

  "Young master comes back! You are already six years old and is the time to be chosen by a God. Look, miss Chloe, your cousin is already there waiting for you. So why don't you calm down and walk with us back to the temple's initiation room."

  "No! I don't want to. You will never catch me." Said the boy before he speed up and mislead the guards.

  "Oh no, we lost him, Kayle go tell the chief guard that young master Elijah escaped before the Patron God Ceremony. I will inform Lady Catherine about this." said the guard on the front before he walked to the Branches Castle.

  Inside the Branches Castle.

  A girl with long golden hair, big golden eyes, creamy white skin. Her body was full of a righteous and noble aura. The girl heard the sound of the door opening, saw a burly guard entering the door, she said.

  "Guard David, you saw my brother? It is the time for the ceremony to start and I don't know where he is."

  David knelt before the girl and said. "Miss Ophelia, Young Master Elijah escaped and we are trying to catch him."

  "You don't need to worry, I am going to find him." Ophelia spoke before she disappears.

  'My God, is always scary when Miss Ophelia is around. Thinking about it, she is a student of the great Heaven's Way Academy. The person chosen by a a big shot in the celestial world, Apolo of the Olimpian God Clan. She also already reached the Second Realm Divine Warrior. All geniuses in the town are chasing her, but I doubt one of them will succeed.' David thought to himself then he stood up and walked to the main hall.

  After escaping Elijah entered the forest and sat beside a tree.  'I do not want to attend the ceremony, and if I am not blessed by a God? I do not know if my family will still love me if this happens. And if I am chosen by Aphrodite like my mother, will I become a girl?'

  His eyes began to redden when he thought about this. He heard a voice coming from the other side of the forest. "Ell, are you here?" 

"Sis!?" Elijah raised his head and saw his sister coming on his way: "Sis, why are you here? I thought you were in school today."

  Ophelia patted his head and said: "You think I gonna miss your big day? I've asked for a leave on the academy to see you, you are not happy?"

  "Happy, Happy" Elijah smiled and asked: "Sis, who do you believe it will be my Patron God?"

  "Ell, do you know that about the many gods that exist in and out of our world? Only the blessed ones can absorb the world's energy to cultivate faster. others have to use their own vitality or spiritual body to cultivate, right?"

  "Yes, I know sister. My father has taught me about this before."

  "So you know that Cultivation has 9 big realms. Other than that, there is several martial paths you can take like me who is a Divine Warrior. A Divine Warrior is a mix between warrior and priest that can borrow some of the powers of a god they serve.

"There is an image, assassin, warrior, mystic, alchemist, Blacksmith and others. Like if you chose the mortal path of cultivation, then variety of martial paths you can choose from are much smaller..."

"Of course, this all becomes useless after fourth realm so we can take it easy for now. The only thing you must know is that are three main paths of cultivation. The Divine, Spirit and Mortal paths."

  "Here on the divine continent, the Divine path is much more favored than the Mortal or Spirit Path. Ell, it doesn't really matter if you become a Divine Cultivator or not. We will still love you and even if you are not chosen. But living as a mortal cultivator is much harder, most can't even surpass the first realm in their fifties. Look both father and grandfather are only mortal cultivators. they may have a good position in the kingdom now but it didn't come without suffering... Oopsie, I said too much." Ophelia finally seemed to realized she had spoken a little too much and gave a tap at her own head. She knew some of the things she said couldn't be understood by a mere 6-year old boy.

"Don't worry about what I said. For now a kid like you should just follow the other children and participate on the ceremony." 

  "Yes Sis." Elijah jumped on Ophelia and she carried him home.

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