1770 The Void (Part 2)

The last fragment of his mana core faded and so did the construct holding the last spark of his life force. The communication amulet fell to the ground, the many runes on its surface disappeared, leaving a clean slate.

Manohar could feel the pull from the chain that bound him to Lith, but he ignored it. He broke the link with his characteristic stubbornness that not even death had tamed and left Mogar to discover the final mystery.


City of Derios, capital of the Distar Marquisate, at the same time.

Like the two Professors of the White Griffon, Lith refused to believe the images projected in the sky of the city. Krishna Manohar was the strongest and most annoying fake mage he knew.

Lith was certain that there was no way that someone like Orpal could defeat Manohar nor that death would assume on herself for all eternity the burden that was the god of healing.


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