2925 Ravages of War (Part 1)

The Elder Hydra didn't like being kept out of the loop, but she knew that Lith had many secrets and that there was little trust between them. If not for Fyrwal knowing Solus as Elphyn Menadion, there would be none at all.

"Fine, but be careful. If Ufyl runs away, finding and capturing him alive would be your responsibility." The underground cave went into an uproar but the Elder Hydra quelled the dissent.

"Silence! The Council entrusted Ufyl to me. The decision is mine to make."

"I have no intention of escaping! I want to atone for my crimes, no matter the personal cost or how long it will take." The Seven-Headed Dragon snarled at the crowd in outrage.

"I hope so." Anata hissed. "The War of the Griffon is far from forgotten and there's plenty of people out there who would gladly rectify the Council's decision to grant you mercy."


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