2388 Promises (Part 2)

"The Queen was very nice to me, Mom. She even taught me how to dance." Leria was on cloud nine ever since the Royals had let her step on their feet to show her the basic moves.

"You deserve that, sweetie pie." Rena ruffled Leria's hair.

"Now our family has a Magus and two Great Mages. Ancient households with dozens of members can't say the same. The Verhens are now officially a magical bloodline."

"And I'm still an extra whose last name isn't even worth remembering." Senton puffed out his chest in mock pride. "What? We are back home, now. I'm allowed to complaint."

Rena was glaring at him, prompting his defense and starting a quarrel that quickly forced them to move into her room to not ruin the evening for everyone.

"Don't worry Leria. Even if you are just a member of the branch family of the Verhen Household, you'll always be my favorite niece." Aran used a grave tone to banter about him belonging to the main bloodline.


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