2473 Open Wounds (Part 1)

With nothing to fuel the chain reaction, the process moved to the implosion step.

'Gods, it's been a while.' Baba Yaga gazed at the magnificence of the stars now that the blackness of space emphasized them and the sun was behind her. 'I haven't come here since I discovered there's no world energy nor any way to use elemental magic here.

'One day, I want at least to visit the moon.'

The flare of the explosion snapped her out of it. She could still use Spirit Magic and had used it to form an emerald sphere around her that contained enough pressurized oxygen to breathe.

After confirming with Creation Magic that Stargazer would truly die, Baba Yaga stopped the explosion before it scattered the mystical materials in every direction and collected the Yggdrasill staff, the Evil Eyes, and the Davross.


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