2920 Not Normal (Part 4)

When the babies were lonely, Shargein would bring them to the subject of their desire. Solus had added him to the apprentice list in the tower's mainframe so that the Wyrmling knew where everyone was at all times and could Warp straight to them.

"Bad Shargein. Bad! Keep sneaking behind me and I'm going to put a bell around your neck." Lith rushed to cover the blueprints of the DoLoreans when the Wyrmling brought Valeron to him.

The baby boy often felt the need to check on Lith and make sure he was alright.

'Dragon Eyes are supposed to be useless here since Shargein lacks the basics of Forgemastering, Light Mastery, and dimensional magic, but being the son of two Guardians, better safe than sorry.' Lith thought.

The Wyrmling snorted at Lith, sending two big puffs of smoke in his face. Lith was about to return the favor when he remembered that despite his size, Shargein was younger than Valeron.


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