2918 Not Normal (Part 2)

Since the day Shargein had Awakened, Solus had devised a magical formation for the tower that checked Elisya's and Valeron's cores for the fluctuations deriving from the use of a breathing technique.

So far, they had heeded Lith's words but he was too paranoid to trust even a child.

"How can you be so sure?" He asked.

"Jirni is as paranoid as you. She knew you would make me listen to the conversation and she used the codeword 'cut and dry'. It means that everything is fine." Kamila shrugged.

"What if she said that the case is a walk in the park?"

"Then it would have meant that she had been kidnapped and they were currently moving her to an unknown location."

"Seriously? What the f..arm?"

"Guys, look at this." Solus walked in accompanied by Shargein who was their guest for the day along with Salaark.


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