77 Interludium

After consuming their lunch, the group fell asleep. The stress and fatigue from the last two days weighed heavily on everyone, but Lith and Phloria were the most affected.

They had been on their toes non-stop since their arrival in the forest and the only moments of peace they got were those spent in the cave. Lith had pushed his body so hard during the last two days that he was aching all over.

He used Invigoration as much as he could, and that meant very little. From his experiments with potions, Lith knew that the physical enhancing alchemical tools had side effects, just like fusion magic, that only proper rest could remove.

Invigoration could make up for them, but how could he possibly justify his ridiculous recovery speed? His mind kept searching for a solution, but without success. Restless, he started reconsidering his group's situation and chances of success.

The more he thought about it, the more the exercise didn't make any sense.


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