717 Immortal Body (Part 1)

There was a keyboard below the monitors that allowed its user to switch between the different cameras, but Lith had no idea how to operate it. There was no mouse and his coding skills were non-existent for Earth's operating systems, let alone for alien technology.

On the right side of the room there was an empty cylindrical water tank, similar to the one that contained the pseudo-Balor in the Body Enhancement department, but much more complex and refined.

Several cables of different colors connected from the nearby wall to the inside of the tank. Every single centimeter of it was covered in runes of power that Lith had never seen before, making it both a powerful artifact and the focus of at least twenty different arrays.

Lith noticed that there was a single set of footprints going from the tank to the monitors and moving around the room. Lith followed them with his eyes, noticing that for some reason, the man from the tank had stopped in front of a wall.


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