791 Ill Omen (Part 1)

Friya used her communication amulet to perform a conference call with the army, the Association, and Javvok's authorities. She was the guild master of the Crystal Shield, after all, and it was her guild that had taken the job and made such an important discovery.

Friya wanted to make sure that she would receive proper recognition since in her line of work reputation was everything.

"I bet that the army's upper echelons now regret having suspended you." Lith said, trying to cheer Phloria up.

"I wish. It's still a small matter for someone of my rank." She replied. "I'm more worried about them thinking that if you're feeling fine enough to do freelance work, then you're also good enough to resume duty. They could revoke your leave."

Lith cussed. He hadn't thought about the possibility, otherwise he would have asked Friya to leave him out of her report.


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