2279 Ground Rules (Part 1)

Kamila wolfed down the chicken and gulped down the entire bottle of tonic before replying.

"I'm not surprised, dumbass. Don't you remember what happened back when Lith showed me his past life as Derek? No mana poisoning there either."

"No need to be cranky!" Solus said, receiving a hungry snarl in reply that she countered with a plate of steaming roasted potatoes. "This is actually pretty great news. It means that until the baby girl is born, teaching you will be a cakewalk.

"Even better, if the baby keeps this ability even out of your womb, there's no telling how quickly she will master even complex disciplines like Dimensional Magic or Light Mastery."

At those words, Kamila choked on her food and stopped eating. Judging from the mean look she threw at Solus while cleaning herself and swallowing what was left in her mouth, Kamila didn't share Solus' optimism one bit.


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