Supreme Magus

Derek McCoy was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice. After being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. After losing his life to avenge his murdered brother, he reincarnates until he finds a world worth living in, a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow him along his journey, from grieving brother to alien soldier. From infant to Supreme Magus. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Transmigration, Male MC, Western Fantasy Schedule: 12 chapters/week (unless I'm ill or stuff happens) Chapter Lenght: 1200 - 1400 words Warning: The MC is not a hero nor an anti-hero. He is a broken, cynic and misanthropic person looking only for his own gain. If you are looking for a forgiving, nice, MC that goes around saving people in distress, this is not your cup of tea. Same if you want an unchanging MC with no character development. ------------------------------------------- Discord Server: https://discord.gg/suprememagus ---------------------------------------- Cover of Tiamat form Lith Verhen by josh groban aka manohar aka Animustw. My new Pfp was made by Josh (same as above). Visit the official discord for his official portraits of the characters.

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From the Rubble (Part 1)

"I have an army." Lith's voice was calm as he conjured his Golems, his Demons of the Darkness, of the Fallen, of the Flames, and all those who answered his call.

With every breath he took, the tower filled with new angry Demons yet it also increased the burden on his already battered body.

"Men." Salaark sighed while gently touching Raaz's forehead and then Lith's.

They both fell asleep, their minds finally at peace.

A snap of the Overlord's finger Warped them away, leaving the rest of the family flabbergasted.

"There's no need to worry, I just moved them to their respective bedrooms. Solus, Elina, stay with them and don't leave their side for even one second. Thanks to you, sleep will be a safe haven where their minds will find solace and process their respective traumas more quickly.