2921 Family Lab (Part 1)

"Hey, Faluel. Is everything alright?" It was a weird hour for a call and he hadn't heard from the Hydra since before his departure to Jiera.

"Hi, Lith. I'm fine, thank you. Just a bit annoyed with a friend of mine who disappears for long periods of time and never calls unless he wants something." She replied with a playful tone.

"I'm sorry." Lith sighed.

Isolating himself was an old bad habit of his that resurfaced every time he was engrossed in his work which happened very often.

"You'd better be." The Hydra grunted. "You could have at least called me to tell me about the fight with the lost city and that everyone was alright. Instead, I had to find out from the interlink first and then get the details from Friya's report."

"I know, but with everything that happened, it slipped my mind." Lith said. "Until the Warp Gate was finished, I was involved with the treaties between the merfolk and Grandma to create new cities in her Desert.


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