End of Volume 21 Afterwords

Hi guys, Legion20 here.

I usually don't talk much aside from the discord and the Author's notes, but chapter 2390 is an important milestone in Supreme Magus. It marks the end of the third last main arc, the War of the Griffons, leaving me with only two main arcs before writing the word end.

So, bear with me and let's recap the journey so far.

Supreme Magus started in 2019, as a novel that participated in a competition where it didn't get any awards or placing. Yet I kept writing because I had a story to share and a few loyal readers.

Let's see where this has gotten us today. Supreme Magus has of today 1323 chapters (it's the real count without being forced to split them) and a total of 22 volumes that amount to 3.13M words.

To give you an idea, it's about 3 times H Potter.

I want to offer my thanks to all those who have followed me so far and to those who buy my chapters, allowing me to keep writing this story.

In faith, Legion20.

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