2746 Elysia’s Gala (Part 2)

"It's to avoid shapeshifters, assassins, or kidnappers." Salaark went first to show the Royals how it was done.

The guards didn't spare her anything and treated her only with a modicum of courtesy until both their instruments and breathing techniques confirmed her identity.

The King and Queen didn't like being treated like criminals but if even the Overlord had to undergo such treatment, they had no reason to protest. Their surprise only increased when Milea and Leegaain came as well yet received no free pass.

"What's happening?" Sylpha asked.

"As I said, the Royals must come first yet there's more than just the two of you." Salaark replied. "The Desert claims its blood rights by paternal ascendence. I consider Elysia a part of my Nest until she tells me otherwise."

"And the Empire claims its blood rights by maternal ascendence." Milea confirmed. "We are involved with this baby as much as you. Her grandfather…"


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