1988 Build Up (Part 2)

"What? Is it going so badly between you and Kamila that she has already filed for divorce?" Friya nudged at him. "Who's the new unlucky woman? Does she know the hot mess she's walking into?"

"Very funny, smartass." Lith said with mock outrage. "There's nothing wrong with my marriage, I just wanted to hold the ceremony a second time since the first none of my friends could attend."

"Renewing your vows after just one month. Sounds bad." Quylla said with a straight face. "It's better to make sure that the gift is refundable."

"Solus, since the two of you are a package deal, will you stand on the side of the groom as well?" Faluel tried and failed to hide her smile. "How does a three-way marriage work? Isn't it tiring for you to have both a husband and a wife?"

"It doesn't work like that." Solus blushed up to her ears. "Sure, sometimes the three of us sleep together, but that's it."


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