2720 Bare Minimum (Part 2)

"Didn't you hear the news? Magus Verhen had a child."

"Hear? We felt that." The girl and the Horseman shuddered at the memory of the wave of life force that Lith had unleashed during that day.

"Then you must know that no matter the reason, you don't get between a Dragon and his egg." Milea replied.

"She's not an egg. She's a baby. Probably she won't even remember that her father left for a while once she grows up." Kelia shrugged.

"Child, have you ever heard, even as boasting, about someone having a pet Dragon or having eaten a Dragon's egg?" The Empress took a deep breath trying to calm down.

"No, but we live in the Empire. Dragons are sacred to us. It would be weird otherwise."

"Point taken, but that's not the issue." Milea nodded. "A Dragon never gets away from their treasure and a hatchling is their crown jewel. Even one stupid rumor gets their attention and you don't want that.


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