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Martin became an orphan when he lost his family in a mysterious accident at a young age. Although he was orphaned, it did not affect him because of the mental problems he had. When he grows up to a certain age, he joined the world of crime and began to improve himself.within 10 years he became one of the most dangerous serial-killers known in the dark world. He also started killing people for money. But he died of an explosion on his last mission. He also had a system to help him in this new world. A soulless and emotionless serial killer from the old world had to give life in a fantastic world. But what he didn't know is that the powers that were possessed in this world would change itself. -

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The Paradigna Shapeshifters - Chapter 1 (Introduction)

Martin was born in 1980. As a child, he began to behave abnormally after losing his family in a strange and mysterious accident when they were on a holiday in the forest.

He lived in an orphan's home until a certain age, and after that, they just threw him into real life.

But he couldn't escape the innate feelings that affected his soul.

One day, he took someone's life in a fight in the street.

This was the first time he'd killed another person. Unlike normal people, who thought killing someone scared them, he did not care about the murder; he just did it anyway.

He lived alone by himself, and he was trying to make a living doing simple jobs in the neighborhood.

But he had to keep running away from the cops all the time. He needed more money to escape from them.

So he quit his normal job and started doing jobs given to him by the local street gangs.

He quickly climbed the stairs and learned fast; after 10 years, he had become a well-known serial killer and hitman in the dark realm of gangsters and mafia at the same time.

His last mission was to kill a scientist.

He made his plan, and he quickly went to the home of the scientist to complete the mission and the deal he had taken.

He broke into the scientist's house and managed to kill him quickly. It was not a hard thing to do.

A normal scientist had no chance against Martin, but the thing is, Martin did not have important information about the target scientist.

The scientist lived alone in his house and had a device inserted into his heart.

This device would activate when his heart stopped, causing the bombs laid in the house to explode and destroy his killer and his work at the same time.

Even if he died in a normal and natural way, he did not want his work to be stolen by the government itself.

He was unable to leave the house at the right time after killing his target because he was unaware of these bombs, and he died after the bombs in the house exploded.

He thought it was over.

He was born as a human being, and he was dying as a monster. But that thought was not his last thought.


When Martin opened his eyes, the place where he found himself was a very simple wood hut.

He was sitting calmly on a bed.

In these situations, normal people would go crazy, but Martin was not a normal human.

Martin had no sign of emotion in his eyes. Because at that moment, strange information was flowing into his head.

About an hour later,

Martin had a sign of revival in his eyes.

Martin listened to a voice in his head explain what had happened to him and what he should do right now.

"I died after the explosion. But a different kind of being from another universe trapped me and saved my soul. My soul has been protected by the system named Paradigna," and now I have come to life in another body in this fantastic world.

Martin thought about what the voice had just said to him.

Martin learned a lot of different things from the voice in his head.

That voice told him a lot of different things about this new world and about himself.

This system, which calls itself Paradigna, also said it would help itself on its journey.

Martin got up from his wooden bed and walked towards the small mirror inside the room he was in.

His face looked like that of a 20-year-old male.

He had very few beards, and he had a slightly childish face.

He was still looking handsome, and I noticed that he had an average height of 175 cm after checking his point of view.

After Martin did the necessary checks, he sat back on the bed and started to think.

"Where I am is a village called the Fire Bear. I live in this village without my family because I lost my parents in a wild animal attack at an early age. What I do is woodwork. I'm going into the woods, cutting wood, and trying to sell it in the village. That's how I make a living. "

Martin began to rethink the information given to him by the Paradigm System.

He was in the body of a young man who lived in this world before he took his body.

Martin looked out of the window to see the daylight.

At that time, Paradigna System started to tell him about the "world" and the "shape-shifters."

The system told him that in this world, some people are born with a creature or creature being in their soul.

These humans are called shape-shifters because they can transform into their creatures at will and use them to fight or defend themselves.

At the same time, these transformations had power levels close to theirs.

These levels were made quite simply and are shown in numbers.

Martin started to think about that.

At the time, it occurred to him that he'd rather draw somewhere than think.

The memories of his old body came to mind, and he reached out his hand and pulled a notebook and a pencil out of the drawer.

And then he started to write systematically about what he could think of.

Shapeshifting Creature

The First Level Of The Creature At First

"By the time, it is going to improve."

Martin confirmed it with his head. It was just a simple system.

But it explains a lot of things.

After transforming the creature into their soul, the user could hunt other monsters or shape-shifters and get stronger.

It was as if the creatures that had grown stronger in this way had evolved.

That's when Martin kept writing.

"Power System"

Student Level

Expert Level-

Lord Rank-

The Lord Intermediate

"Lord Advanced"

Peak Lord-

Level King-

The levels were like that at the start.

Paradigna just gave him this information.

It said if he wanted more information, he'd have to find it himself or get stronger in time.

For the time being, Martin did not care about the information.

He told him that if he thinks in his mind these words, "Status or Paradigna Status," there will be a status panel that is going to show him his status and other things about the shapeshifting system.

"Paradigna Status"

"Paradigna Active"


Martin Bloodfire (choice of surname for the occasion)

"Soul Power = 1.0"

"HP = 100%"

"Shapeshifting" = "None"

Paradigna Points

"Paradigna Shapeshifting Market" (online)

As Martin opened his status by using the Paradigna, he began to hear the strange divine voice again in his head. This voice began to inform him again.

Martin kept listening and focusing without making a sound.

Twenty-five minutes later, the divine voice disappeared again.

At that moment, Martin had a big smile on his face.

That was pretty rare. Martin only smiled when he killed a human being.

For this reason, he smiled for the first time, almost without killing anyone.

This time, Paradigna told him about a lot of different things.

He said he would earn Paradigna Points for all the creatures and people he killed through the Paradigna System.

Using these points, he could enter the Paradigna Market and buy and transform billions of creatures or beings.

The number of creatures he could transform was directly proportional to his spirit power.

Martin noticed all this, so he had a big smile on his face.

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