1 A Piggy Bank

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"Haha, your boy will finally be able to score today." An excited voice rang out in a small apartment room.

In that room, one could see a boy who was 22 years old and wearing a hoodie and black jeans. He had messy hair, bunched up on top of his head.

His name was Jack Raynolds. He was originally a shut-in. But with some luck, he got a girlfriend. They were in a relationship for four months. Today, he heard something that every boy dreams of.

"Jack, can you come to my home? You know~ my parents went on a vacation, and no one is at home."

The moment he heard that his heart started to pump up.

It was December, and snow was covering the ground. The cold wind made people afraid to show any skin.

However, that didn't stop Jack from reaching his destination.

His girlfriend's name was Mary. Her family was rich, as they had a two-story house that was right down the street. It didn't take much time for him to arrive there.

When he arrived, he was surprised by some cars parked outside. He suddenly had a bad feeling. But the thought of scoring made him forget that.

He pressed the bell a couple of times and waited with a smile to greet her.

He became stumped the moment he saw who opened the door. He saw it was an unknown girl who was super drunk, and behind her was a guy who was desperately kissing her neck.

"Come in quick. It is too cold outside." The girl said that and went on with the guy in a corner.

Jack entered in a complete daze and closed the door. He looked ahead of himself and doubted his life.

It was full of mayhem. Everyone was doing drugs and drinking heavily. Some guy was playing rave music on a huge speaker. Everyone was filled with lust. Some were kissing each other, and some undressed themselves and went to a corner to have some action.

Jack walked forward in a daze, like a zombie.

"Hey, wanna fuck?" Suddenly a girl came to him and started touching his dick.

Jack, who had come in desperation to score, immediately rejected it."No, no, I don't want to. I have a girlfriend."

"Hmph pussy. I have three boyfriends but I still get fucked by all men." The girl scoffed him off and went to a group of boys who were all alone.

Jack's heart was beating seeing this. He had never had many friends, and he had never attended this kind of event. He quickly walked forward in the search of his girlfriend.

A couple of seconds later, he finally found his girlfriend. However, he wasn't happy to find her. The sight in front of him made his heart sink into the abyss.

His girlfriend had B-cup boobs and a medium-sized, fine ass. Her face was among the best-looking in the university. Currently, she was sitting in a jacuzzi in a bikini. However, she was not sitting alone. She was sitting on some random guy's lap.

The guy had blonde hair and an ear piercing. He had a smug smile on his face. His body was filled with muscle, six packs could be seen.

What triggered Jack most was that this guy was touching his girlfriend's private parts and arousing her, like it was his private property.

Jack couldn't hold his anger back. He shouted at them. "What are you doing, Mary!? Why are you with this jerk?"

His shout halted everyone from what they were doing except for the ones that were already in action. Their mission couldn't be stopped by even the end of the world.

This jerk's name was Tailor. He smirked at Jack. "Oh, look who we have here. My girl's piggy bank."

"Hahaha," The crowd burst into laughter. Mary also laughed along with them.

Jack became dumbfounded; he couldn't process what was happening.

Tailor squeezed Mary's boobs and sniffed her neck. "Baby, you found a really nice pig. You were slowly eating his meat, but this dumbass might have been too stupid to notice."

"Should I reward you for your play?" He said as he rubbed her vagina.

"Yes~ I want that." Mary moaned out loud with no shame.

Tailor picked her up and was about to walk upstairs when Jack stopped them.

He asked them."Where are you taking her?"

"Can't you see I am gonna go and fuck her? Or you have become stupid from the shock?" Tailor looked down at Alex and ridiculed him.

"I.." Jack squeezed his fists and gritted his teeth in shame. He knew what they would do, he knew Mary had played with him, and he knew he was being used the whole time, but he wanted to hear from her.

Tailor told Mary."Baby, tell this idiot everything now. Our bet has already finished."

Mary unapologetically said to Jack."I was using you for my pocket money as my parents were not giving me anything recently. And I thought you would be somewhat rich but you were so poor. Despite that you were able to spend so much money is truly plausible."

"I don't know how your parents would feel after you spend all their life savings for a nonexistent girlfriend." She gave him an evil smirk.

Jack's rage rose to his head and made him lose his rationality. He walked up and punched Mary in the face.


That made Jack's heart soothe a little, but then came the chaos.

"You fucking piece of shit." Tailor yelled at him and started to beat him up.

As the host of this party, seeing Mary get beaten everyone also joined in to hit Jack.

Jack like a vulnerable pig got basically slaughtered by everyone.

After ten minutes of beating, they finally threw Jack out of the house.

Tailor sneered at him. "You will always be a piece of trash. Failed for your entire life and fail forever you loser."


Tailor shut down the door heavily and left behind Jack who was on the ground groaning in pain.

However, he didn't feel the pain instead something else. He whispered to himself. "It is so cold."

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