1302 Your appetite is quite big, isn’t it?


The Mana compressed in the air burst out, Aeliana and Vyriana, who were standing in front of the explosion could feel their hair and clothes moving with the wind, their eyes, however, were focused on the center of the Explosion.

"Her Breakthrough is stronger than I expected."

Aeliana commented with a curious look on her face.

"She could already be considered one of the strongest out of our warriors."

The Vampire wasn't holding back with her prayers.

Vyriana, on the other hand, simply shrugged, "She did surprise me, but I have higher hopes from my disciple."

"Right, you expect her to defeat that monster, don't you?" Aeliana laughed out loud, looking at Vyriana with a playful look on her face.


Vyriana didn't say anything and continued to observe Evane, who was about to wave up.

"He should be here anytime now."

Aeliana commented.


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