1309 You underestimate your husband, my dear Star.

"Does this mean that Astaria is currently stronger than Nux? Are you saying that Nux is going to lose against an opponent who is not a Divine Stage Cultivator?" Amaya couldn't believe she was even saying that.

Yes, sure, because of her Law, Astaria had now turned into a Saint, which was one stage above Nux, however, just imagining Nux losing against a Saint… For some reason, it didn't sit well with Amaya.

He was a man who defeated Complete Saints like they were nothing, heck, he even fought against a Divine and played around with him like he was a child.

How could someone like him… lose…?

It wasn't just Amaya; the rest of her sisters had the same doubts in their minds.

Astaria, on the other hand, continued to cut Nux's clone, 'weakening' him in the process.

The two of them stared at each other; Nux then smiled, not saying anything and sending more clones towards Astaria.


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