1306 You should only focus on your duel, brat

"You look good…"

Evane spoke as she glanced at the man lying next to her with a playful smile on his face.

"Do I? Which look do you think suits me better? This one or my Human form?"

Nux questioned as he played with his now long ears. His long hair was covering a part of his face, which, however, only raised his charm to another level.

His golden eyes shined as he glanced at Evane, Evane couldn't help but feel lost in those eyes, looking at Nux's elven form, she had no words.

Elf was a beautiful race to begin with, all elves were supposed to be beautiful, however, for someone like Nux, who was already blessed with features so rich that it would put even the elves known for their beauty to shame, him turning into an Elf made him an even more of a looker.


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