1305 You are killing me, Evane. *

"Uggghhhh!! Evane!!"

Nux couldn't help but groan in pleasure as Evane continued to lick his shaft, sensing her saliva all over his dick, he couldn't help but feel like he was on cloud nine.

The main course, however, hadn't even started yet, Evane, who had come prepared with Allura as her teacher was achieving success in one step after the other, this raised her confidence to another level,

The normally innocent and timid woman then glanced at Nux again, her eyes shining with a playful glint and,


She opened her mouth and with her tongue out, she gulped down the entire thing, the entire time, her eyes never left Nux's, the sight was so seductive that if it wasn't for Nux's self-control that he had honed throughout these years, he would have orgasmed in an instant.


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