1340 The space is quite limited here, not that the two of us need extra space anyways, now do we?

"I devoured the Blood since I felt like I didn't need it anymore,"

Amaya replied with a shrug and people around her couldn't believe what they just heard.


Aeliana stared at the woman in front of her with a dumbfounded look on her face. Her mouth was agape and her mind was filled with questions, then however, she recalled that she was in front of a woman whose husband could use the abilities of every single race and calmed her heart.

Thi sis nothing surprising when compared to the monster her husband was.

The said husband, however, was much more shocked than anyone else. Who here knew how the Trials and Bloodlines worked more than him? And since he knew this much, his shock was even more reasonable.

"You should have been unconscious when you received that blood, then how did you… devour it…?" Nux couldn't help but question.


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