1321 It is only a contact between lips anyway *

*Smooch* *Smooch* *Smooch*

In the world Vyriana ruled, an alluring sound of lips sucking on lips could be heard, the ruler, the sovereign, the god of the world was currently being held by a man, who was using his change to wrap his arm around her back, pushing her sinful body towards him.

Her breast continued to be pressed towards his hard chest, Vyriana's heartbeat had quickly when she sensed Nux all over her, but suddenly, her heart froze as she sensed something help.

'Just the contact between their lips' had happened, and for some reason, the moment Vyriana felt Nux's lips on hers, she sensed a big jolt that paralyzed her entire body.

The emotion she had been suppressing all this time rushed out in an instant, she still couldn't describe what the emotion was, however, her face had turned red due to heat and to make things even worse, Nux started sucking on her lips.


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