1298 How cute *

"Why is everyone around that bastard so monstrous?"

One of the Divine Stage Dragons couldn't help but question as he glanced at the woman walking in front of him.

"How can every single one of them be a never seen before genius? This makes no sense! Even if they cultivate faster than others, doesn't that actually put them at a disadvantage? How can they be stronger than almost all the cultivators at their level?"

The Dragons couldn't believe it.

They had already accepted that man was a monster, a being who could defeat the previous Dragon Lord in a one-on-one battle couldn't be explained with any other word but even so…

Geniuses didn't grow on trees, as amazing as the presence of one genius was, it also reduces the chances of finding another one but…

"To think she would break the record and enter the ranks of top 20…"


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