1288 How about you try to get that answer out of me, husband?

"I can't believe this…"

Nux spoke with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Is she planning to kill me?" He couldn't help but wonder. "I didn't even know it was possible…"

"Wait… should it be possible? But how? It makes no sense. It pretty much goes against the laws of the world, no? There is an upper limit to everything…"

Of course, at this point, he was only speaking gibberish but one couldn't blame him either.

"Just how can you get even more beautiful than you already were?"

Allura's new form was simply breathtaking.

She still had her long white hair, just that they had become much lustrous than before, the purple shade of her eyes had lightened, which, one would think would give her the look of a Succubus with a weak bloodline however…


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