8 A Predator's Grin.

Time passed and evening fell, Nux noticed that it was time for the Viscount to return from her office. He didn't know the exact time she would return but since he didn't have anything else to do he stood up and walked towards the viscount's room.

He had done some research and learned that the viscount's husband died and her only son lives in Royal Academy and rarely comes home.

Yup, a clear path ahead.

Chuckling inwardly, he appeared in front of the viscount's room, noticing that she hasn't returned, he decided to sit in front of the room and wait for her.


"Nux? What are you doing here?"

Felberta questioned as she glanced at Nux who was sitting in front of her room in surprise.

There were 2 maids following behind her and they looked at Nux with a curious faces as well.

"O-Oh nothing m-mam, I-I just thought that you would be tired after working for so long, so I decided to come here and check if there is anything I can help you with…" Nux stuttered as he answered, of course, he didn't forget to glance at her face before lowering his gaze in shame and a slight blush.

Seemingly pleased by his answer, Viscount smiled and questioned, "Oh? What would you help me with?"

"I-I can m-massage your shoulders… it will help you r-relax…" Nux answered, keeping his gaze down.

Viscount chuckled as an intense urge to tease this boy welled inside her. She walked towards Nux with an enchanting smile, her face, half a finger away from Nux's and she questioned.

"Why are you looking down? Am I too ugly for you to look at?"

"No! You are just too beautiful! AHH! I m-mean no, that's not it, no I mean you are beautiful but but um mmm" Nux panicked when he looked up and noticed that her face was too close to his, he tried to back away but slipped and fell to the ground, unable to come up with an explanation, he decided to keep his gaze on the ground.

Seeing this, not only Viscount, even the two maids following her chuckled, the Viscount smiled as she crouched in front of Nux as she questioned.

"Are you telling me I am not beautiful?"


"Then you think I am beautiful?"


Viscount's smile widened as she questioned,

"Are you hitting on me?"

"N-No! I didn't mean it like t-that! I-I-"

"Hahaha!" Seeing the flustered look on his face, the Viscount laughed out loud before she flicked her finger on his forehead to gain his attention and replied.

"Alright, you don't need to be so flustered, I was just teasing you. As for you massaging me, well, what are you waiting for? Follow me"

Saying that, the viscount stood up and she entered her room with a very satisfied look on her face, Nux also followed her back to her room obediently.

Of course, nobody noticed that small, imperceptible smile on his face.

A Predator's Grin.

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