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After he crossed over, Yang Song thought that his life was a bit regretful. He thought that after crossing over, with this system, he would soar into the heaven and enjoy the glory. But alas, even after so many years, there was no sign of activation at all. This year, he was almost 100 years old. Yang Song sighed gently, "It looks like I have no fate with this system in this life." [Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully activating the Immortal Cultivation System.] Hearing this prompt, Yang Song jumped up with a high spirit. One year later, Yang Song couldn’t help but sigh, “Life’s really hard.” He was already over 100 years old but still had to cultivate immortality. —————————- Note: There is a slight LGBT scene in the early chapter, but farther away from that, there won’t be any of it anymore.

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The Unlucky Robber

"Old stuff, are you tired of living?" After the robber stood up, his gaze darted towards Yang Song, then he cursed fiercely.

"Hehe, bastard, you even dare to threaten this old man with just you alone?" Yang Song smiled kindly.

"You want to die!"

The robber was very angry. He did not care about old and young anymore, he waved his fist ragingly and slammed it towards Yang Song's body.

Maybe people around instinctively closed their eyes when they felt that Yang Song was going to be jinxed.


With a muffled and a bit of indistinct sound, Yang Song was fine, but the robber was lying on the ground again.


"My eyes did not trick me, did they?"

"This old dude is so fierce?"

The group of people around Yang Song opened their mouths in shock to the point that several eggs could be stuffed inside.

As for Yang Song, he was not so polite against the little robber this time. He stepped directly on the robber's head with one foot and made his entire face stick to the ground with a little force.

"Squeak! Squeak! Squeak…"

At this moment, the Golden-Eyed Mouse in Yang Song's arms rushed to his shoulder with a swish. When it saw the man being beaten miserably, it actually stretched out its two small paws and waved in the air very spiritually while constantly squeaking. This little guy seemed to be cheering on the robber's bad luck.

"This old man has to go to eat. Well, I just checked the price. This little monster sells for 20,000 dollars. You can give the money to the vendor. As for this mouse, give it to me as a reward."


'Reward my ass, did this uncle ask you to block me?'

'If this uncle is to give the vendor 20,000 dollars, I might as well eat three pounds of shits instead!'

The robber wanted to get up but found that he could not exert any strength at all. The feeling of humiliation in his heart rose to the point that it could break the sky. He wanted to speak, but Yang Song did not give him a chance to speak by exerting the strength in his foot harder. It made a clicking sound occasionally, his bone was about to break!

"Fine, fine, m-my bone, my bone is about to burst! Isn't it just a reward, I will give it to you, okay?"

The severe pain directly smashed the robber's firm heart. He was convinced by Yang Song on the spot. As an adult, he was about to cry in front of so many people.

And the vendor who fell down previously finally ran over.

"Thank you, thank you, gentleman for helping-…"

His attention was all on the robber. When he saw the robber lying on the ground, the vendor quickly thanked Yang Song. However, before he could finish his sentence, he was stunned and his face was full of consternation. This gentleman who he was grateful for turned out to be an old man with a head full of gray hair? Why didn't this old man go to act as a conman instead of playing a hero saving the world?

"You have to thank me. I helped you sell this mouse successfully! Just ask him to pay! However, this old man has to remind you, when doing business, the only thing you pay attention to is to get the money first before giving away the goods. If not, you will not achieve the great path of business," Yang Song said with a kind elderly smile.

"Good, good!"

The vendor touched the back of his head while he smiled humbly. Although he was full of doubts, his reaction speed was extremely fast when Yang Song mentioned money. He immediately bent over and touched the robber with quick movements. Perhaps he was unhappy because he was robbed by this guy just now, when he touched the robber, he touched very hard, making the robber tremble in pain.

Then, as soon as the vendor gritted his teeth and tried harder to touch, he accidentally tore the robber's clothes to pieces. His palm then made contact with the robber's skin.

Such a scene stunned the onlookers on both sides of the street stupidly.

"Ahhh… you two bastards, I…"

His clothes were torn apart, and there was also this pair of hands touching him everywhere. A cosmic sense of humiliation soared in the robber's heart. He clenched his teeth to the point that his eyes became scarlet while he also roared angrily.

The vendor ignored him at all, his actions continued and continued downward.

"Don't, don't tear it. Let me tell you, I have a mobile phone, I can transfer money to you!" Feeling the hand getting closer and closer to his sensitive parts, the robber's whole person was not so well, so he hurriedly said.

The vendor also compromised. Hearing the robber saying this, he picked up the robber's mobile phone and started operating it.



"Transferring requires facial recognition, look up and smile!"

"Good, good!"

One minute later, 20,000 dollars was successfully received. The vendor's face also showed an amiable smile, "Old gentleman, thank you so much. The money has arrived. By the way, since you helped me subdue this robber, I must give you a little thank. You must not refuse. Wait, let me find some cash!"

When he said this, the vendor kicked the robber who was lying on the ground with a smile.

"Okay, I will accept it. You don't have to give me much either, just 2,000 dollars is enough. If you don't have cash, you can also transfer it via mobile phone!" Yang Song glanced at the robber with that kind smile again.

The vendor was taken aback, "Huh?"

He was polite because there were too many people around him, but wasn't this uncle too upright of him to say this?

But the words had already been said, the uncle also made a request, it was too late to say anything now…

"Ah yes, wait a minute!"

After replying with a stiff beam, the vendor rummaged through his body for a long time before he grouped 2,000 dollars together and handed it to Yang Song with a little tremor.

'I picked up a Golden-Eyed Mouse and received a 2,000-dollar thank you fee at that, I made money today, hehe…"

On the other side, Gong Xueqing originally wanted to call two martial artists to protect Yang Song, but after another thought, she was still not at ease. Not long after Yang Song left, she personally followed. As a result, she just ran to the intersection where Yang Song captured the robber.

A long distance away, she yelled loudly, "Dad, you will be 100 years old in a few days, and your body has not been able to practice martial arts. You can't walk very steadily on weekdays; how could you do such a dangerous thing?"

"Dad, don't scare me! If something happens to you… what can I do?"

100 years old in a few days.

Unable to practice martial arts.

Can't walk steadily?

The onlookers on both sides of the street almost fell on the spot when they heard it.

"A 100-year-old old man?"

"At his age, he still comes out to catch robbers in the street?"

"What the hell?!"

"Really 100 years old?"

The crowds were shocked. There were also some younger people who were shocked and ashamed. When facing the robber just earlier, they hid so fast like a rabbit… they were not even as good as a centenarian?!

In this situation, the most embarrassed was the robber who fell to the ground. If there was a seam in the ground, he would go in without hesitation.

As a dignified quasi-martial artist who was in his prime of life, and in front of countless people at that, he was trampled on the group by a cripple, white-haired old man. Was there anything more embarrassing than this?

He must escape, he must retreat from this place as soon as possible. But the old man's foot…

Just as the robber was thinking about how to get away quickly, the foot that was originally pressing on his head like Mount Everbreak, loosened without warning.

"Hehe, Xueqing, you are here too? Now, this society lacks ethics too much. There are not many who are righteous and brave. Did you not see my move earlier? Besides, I am not injured, and I have earned a 2,000-dollar thank you fee to boot at that!" Yang Song said with a grin.

The Golden-Eyed Mouse on Yang Song's shoulder rolled its eyes and began to look at Gong Xueqing stealthily.

As for the robber who was let go by Yang Song, he did not even have any thoughts of revenge.

Every gaze around him was like a sharp blade, cutting him fiercely.

While Yang Song was talking with Gong Xueqing, he scrambled to stand up from the ground, ignoring that his clothes were torn apart, and wearing a pair of pants printed with Pikachu, he ran wildly in front of countless passersby.

There was only one thought in his heart. That was to stay away from here, the sooner the better!

Today, he looked too shameful.

As for revenge, this thing, he would talk about it later!

Just that this guy would have never thought even in his wildest dream that among the crowds, there was a cute-looking girl who was holding a mobile phone during the excitement. All the things that happened here were recorded clearly by her.

At the end of the shot, as a good outro, the robber showed that pair of Pikachu pants!

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