414 Spilling All the Secrets

Yang Song didn't say anything, he just looked at Si Tian silently.

Being looked at by two pairs of eyes at the same time, the guilt in Si Tian's heart became even stronger.

In the end, after weighing the pros and cons in his heart, he had no choice but to tell them the truth.

"Actually, you guys from the Blue Star are all characters in my novel."

It was only a sentence, but this sentence was like an atomic bomb that exploded in the other three people's hearts.

Zhang Yujin had many guesses about the secret that Si Tian was hiding, but… this was too much for her.

Yang Song had seen many wonders and strange things in his life, and he also had many guesses, but he never expected this answer at all.

Xiang Fanrui beside Yang Song also furrowed her brows.

Who would have thought that they were just characters in a novel?


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