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After he crossed over, Yang Song thought that his life was a bit regretful. He thought that after crossing over, with this system, he would soar into the heaven and enjoy the glory. But alas, even after so many years, there was no sign of activation at all. This year, he was almost 100 years old. Yang Song sighed gently, "It looks like I have no fate with this system in this life." [Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully activating the Immortal Cultivation System.] Hearing this prompt, Yang Song jumped up with a high spirit. One year later, Yang Song couldn’t help but sigh, “Life’s really hard.” He was already over 100 years old but still had to cultivate immortality. —————————- Note: There is a slight LGBT scene in the early chapter, but farther away from that, there won’t be any of it anymore.

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Everyone’s Talent

The moment the Eyes of Insight was activated, a string of data appeared on the heads of every offspring of Yang Song. Then it slowly turned like an angel ring, except that the color of the ring was different.

First of all, Yang Song's attention was focused on his second son, Yang Haonan, who was slightly fat and combed with shiny hair.

The ring above his head was deep green.

In the ring, there was a bunch of information.

Combat Power: 4th Tier Master martial artist

Talent: music (7), painting (6), language (11), comprehension (19), alchemy (86), business (18)

This fellow had six talents.

'That comprehension should be about martial arts cultivation. But this guy is only a 4th Tier Master? Well, his talent in alchemy has 86, then doesn't it mean that his talent in alchemy is buried? But what's the situation with green?'

Yang Song was puzzled, but then he said, "Haonan, have you been practicing martial arts more frequently recently?"

"Father, the company has been busy transforming recently and I've been busy with business matters, so martial arts training has also been delayed. After a while, I will definitely work hard to practice after I determine the new direction of my business," Yang Haonan quickly replied with an apologetic smile.

Secretly, he thought, 'Although my old man does not know how to practice martial arts, his vision is still so vicious.'

"Well, in terms of martial arts, you must never relax. I have given you so many resources in the past. I hope you can become a Grandmaster. However, tell me, how many years have you stopped at the 4th Tier?"

Yang Song shook his head and then said again, "However, since you are transforming your business, you can try to develop pills. Now, many companies have begun to provide pill services. The kind that can replenish physical strength, recover from injuries, and beautify their faces. The sales are extremely hot! You can research it when you have time, and you can develop a new pill."


Yang Haonan was stunned. The company he ran revolved around daily cosmetics. When he was a child, he had a lot of interest in pills. But at that time, all kinds of medicinal materials were in short supply, and the family was also poor. So since he could not afford it, he did not have the prime opportunity to research at all.

'Is it reliable to study pill now suddenly?'

Yang Haonan questioned himself seriously.

Yang Song only mentioned that, and then ignoring Yang Haonan's thoughts and used his eyes to sweep over the heads of other descendants one by one.

The most visible ring on their heads was white.

Yang Song quickly remembered their talents and combat power in his mind.

These children and grandchildren of his typically had ordinary talents, not particularly good, but compared to ordinary people, they were at least passable.

A very small number of people with good comprehension talents could break through the value of 20, which was higher than Yang Haonan.

What surprised Yang Song the most was that his youngest granddaughter, Yang Mei'er, had a comprehension talent of 30. In addition, she had a talent for martial arts techniques that no one else had at all, reaching 58 in value.

The ring on her head was dark red.

Yang Song said calmly, "Mei'er, have you made any progress in your studies recently?"

Yang Mei'er, wearing a small pink skirt with double ponytails, her eyes rounded, she did not panic when she was spotted, on the contrary, she said with great pride, "Grandpa, I have always been the first in the class. The teacher also praised me yesterday!"

"Oh, very good."

Yang Song nodded, "Recently, there are a lot of martial arts skills for sale in the Martial Arts Guild. Your dad is fighting in the abyss, and no one cares about you on weekdays, but the children nowadays have to fully develop moral, intellectual quality, physical knowledge, and artistic skills. The earlier you look at martial arts skills, the stronger your talents will be. So Haonan, you are her second uncle and you have a lot of money, you should find time to buy two martial arts skills for Mei'er to see. It's always right to learn things early."

"Okay father, I will buy it tomorrow."

Yang Haonan was a little helpless. Yang Mei'er was only eight years old this year, and she could not even recognize the words completely.

However, since the great lord had ordered it, he had no guts to say anything else. He thought that tomorrow, he would just find two basic martial arts techniques at home.

"Okay, if you have already discussed the big birthday, you can go back now. You have been very busy recently, just do everything you need to do."

After taking note of everyone's talents, Yang Song waved his hand.

His sons had already grown up. They all had their own homes in Tong City, which were also not far from here.

Yang Song lived in an old house. But with the improvement of living standards and warriors had appeared in his family, and by spending quite a huge sum of money, the old house had been renovated several times and was now quite large.

When the group of younger generations went back completely, the vast yard became completely deserted.

"Sigh, I don't know where that old woman went. After giving birth to our third child, she just disappeared from the world. After so many years, there's still no news from her. I don't know whether she's dead or alive. I am already this old now, but I don't even have a wife to chat to. Is it possible for me to find another one?"

Leaning on the chair, Yang Song thought of a certain stunning beauty that matched his handsomeness.

Looking at this empty house again, he could not help but feel lonely.

Of course, he had never really thought about finding another wife. Even as his body gradually aged, the female nanny that his children and grandchildren invited to take care of him was also driven away by Yang Song. He was not accustomed to being taken care of by other women.

Male nanny? He felt panicked at the thought of this instantly. If he urinated and had to call the other party for help, how embarrassing and dreadful would it be?

While several emotions were brewing with each other, Yang Song abruptly discovered that he had not checked his own talent yet.

But what should he do? He did not have eyes on his head.

After a few seconds, he got up and soon found a mirror and looked at it.

As expected, in the mirror, there was also a string of rotating texts on his head.

But! What was different from others was, the rings on other people's heads were colored. But on his head, except for a string of characters that were slowly rotating, there was no color at all, which was very strange.

However, when he carefully looked at the information rotating above, his body was a little startled. Many previous doubts, at this moment, were solved in an instant!

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