Supreme Emperor System

Michael was just an ordinary boy living in modern-day America. He grew up in an orphanage with a bleak future. One day he acquired a mysterious package only to inherit a system. Join Michael as he changes his fate and conquers his destiny; armed with a mysterious system that tries to convince him to take over the world. This is my first novel so I would appreciate any constructive criticism and support. This novel will also be posted on RoyalRoad.

Red_Tempest · Urban
Not enough ratings
80 Chs

Introduction to the Novel

Hey, guys welcome to the world of Supreme Emperor System. This novel will be INSPIRED by Modern day earth; Only some small aspects will be changed. The MC will get overpowered pretty early on. There will be some romance but not much.

As a first time author, I will appreciate any comments or criticism. I cannot guarantee any chapters but I will try to write as much as possible.

Thank you and please enjoy


I know my novel is not that great. I was looking over the early chapters and noticed that they sucked. My writing definitely got better over time and I can't even edit the early chapters bc they are too bad.

If you don't like it then don't read it. I am writing for free by sacrificing my own time. I am also writing for the First time in my life so a reasonable person should not expect high quality. Since no one is perfect on their first try.