1 Filthy, Big Freak!

A freak, or should I say, a mythical creature suddenly sprouts out from the toilet bowl. The fluid excreted from the sweat gland of my skin; sweat and drops on the surface of our living room. After seeing the supernatural being, it brings me to the utmost emotion. The anticipation or awareness of danger caused it. I can't move my body well. Every fiber of my being tells me that I must be quiet for me to escape this thing called extinction or slaughtering. The faint smell of the monster affects my olfactory organ.

"Yuck!". I mumbled.

The monster quickly turns its head, and unfortunately, he saw me making a grin with a mix of desire to cut my head off and suck my blood. That being is a guy. It's kind of hilarious, but I forced myself not to laugh in a grave and breathtaking moment.

"This can't be happening! We're all going to die". I whispered.

Should I now be worshipping God? Is this the right time to pray, to ask him for help? I'm agnostic, you know. There are way too many different religions with vivid descriptions.

A loud and disruptive sound came from the outside. It was the cars moving heavily over the house. The irritations appeared caused by the pesky gleams made by the sun, so I quickly jumped out of bed and went over to the kitchen. Picking up some bread, then making my cup of coffee. Oops! Sorry Guys, I forget to tell you something. About that freaky thing yesterday, it was only just a dream or just a nightmare. But it left me in a void condition. I keep questioning myself why that nightmare occurred? Is it because of too much usage of electronic games and fantasy books?

The brainstorming moment passed. I swiftly eat those cold bread with a hearty cup of coffee. After that savoring those mouthwatering, tasty and savory foods. A sound made by air released from my tummy through my mouth; I belched. I run towards my room, pick up the bath towel, then proceed to the bathroom.

I ran off the shower hose through my body and started singing Adele's song, 'When we were young' Well, I stop singing because I forgot the lyrics and it's making me looks like a gay. I rub my hair after rinsing it with water and put some little amount of shampoo. Then immediately washed it to keep away those shampoos that are going to my naked eyes. I scrub the soap through my body.

Guys! We should have proper hygiene to avoid conditions of being unhealthy in our body and mind. Good hygiene, on the other hand, makes you come off as a capable person with self-worth and self-confidence. Good personal hygiene also helps you stay healthy, clean-looking, and attractive.

A reminder from Sky Wolfhart!

After taking a bath, I instantaneously went to my room and packed myself. I ran to my wardrobe and found my best outfits: Hawaiian Polo Shirt, Black pants with a cotton colored shoe. I love doing this stuff cause it is making me look like a human. Nahhh, I'm just kidding! I love it because every time I am wearing this kind of clothes, it looks formal and more attractive. Now that I have finished settling things. I ran briskly towards the school to avoid my cantankerous teacher on her crotchety idle talks. Am I right? Some teachers are having nonsense prattles. Today is my first day in Senior High School, so I should be relaxing.

I should not show them my wobbly side. Guys, I'll tell you something! When I was ten years old, I stumbled because of the banana skin. Ughhh, So feeble! That's it! Our teacher came, and she introduced herself.

"Good Morning Everyone. I am Mrs. Emily Brown, your adviser. Hopefully this school year will be more productive. Thank you," Mrs. Emily said.

Okay, class, I want you all to introduce yourselves. After hearing what our teacher said, I was suddenly scared and became more sweaty. I'm not the type of man who is friendly. After a few minutes, my name was suddenly called Sky Wolfhart! Kindly introduce yourself. Can you give us little information about yourself?

I steadily come over to the front. Trembling and bringing the feels of fear. An instance of stuttering goes within me. All of them laugh. The noises they've created are whirling up in my mind. So I took a deep breath, then stood straight like a soldier.

"Um. I am Sky Wolfhart. 17. I live over there, right in front of the market. I have a serious attachment in writing. Loves to read books. That's all, Thank you." I said.

"What's your capability?" She asked.

This book! I took it from my bag and lifted it up.

"Can we take a look at it, in just a very short time?" She asked.

I anticipated, having second thoughts on it. Last time it never seemed to go to plan.

"Here I go. Ice Gigas!" I shouted.

Clouds of white gases show up. All of us heard a growl. It's hard to see what's behind the smoke. A moment passed. Four feet long snowmen came out, with its nose hanging.

The bursts of their laughter quivered the whole room. You can hear them chuckling for that splendid show I did.

"Nice try, Magician!" The guy said.

It was Lukas Cruz, the cool looking kid with a scar on his left eye and had the same age as mine. But my abilities were too far from him. I mean, I saw him recently, producing large flames. Every time he catalyzes his large flame, he becomes bright. It's quite impressive. Here's one more I want you all to know! He has the Ruyi Jingu Bang, a mythical weapon. It's just like Sun Wukong, the Monkey King hero of Chinese Mythology. Okay, enough for expressing admiration or giving compliments. Let's go back to the setting.

As I went back to my chair, they suddenly stood and gave me applause and cheering. For me, that ovation was their way to jeer at me. I noticed Lukas Cruz looked at me, grinning. I was kind of nervous and uncomfortable about what happened earlier.

Mrs. Emily called a name. A girl walks to the front gracefully.

That girl caught my attention, making my jaw right wide open, and with just a few minutes, my saliva might drop. The girl starts to state her profile.

"I am Sylvia Glaze, 17. Currently, I'm just checking in on an apartment five kilometers right behind here. I love to eat marshmallows, everything that is sweet and edible. It should be a light color, also." She muttered.

"Manifest, what?" Mrs. Emily asked.

"I can tame objects that have life every time I touch them, and I can also petrify objects and people at my will or with just physical contact." She answered.

"Okay, you can now go back." Mrs. Emily said.

I can't get my sight from her, I am mesmerized by her ravishing beauty. She wore a sleeveless undershirt and a gray coat with a black colored scarf on her neck. She also wore a black pencil skirt with a pair of charcoal-colored boots. That outfit is insane, Bro! Those thick thighs of her are driving me wild. Nah, I am just kidding. Enough for the coquetry.

Many names were called right after.

"Only one remains." Mrs. Emily said

I heard a voice from my back. I quickly turned my head and found the guy.

"I guess it is I, the last one." He said.

The guy made his stance. After he stood up, the ambiance became dark. The temperature of the room drastically decreased. We were all shivering, rubbing ourselves to avoid the period of the frost.

"Oh no, I'm sorry." He uttered.

With just a snap of his fingers, the freezing darkness is gone instantly. He has the average height for men, five feet and nine inches, and has a messy parted light bang Korean hairstyle. Wearing an Eyeglasses in a semi-rimless frame, that was a hybrid frame bringing the moderation of the rimless outline with the full-rim durability. He wore a white turtleneck and slim fit jeans, with a pair of black loafers that have a letter H logo on it.

"I am Artha Page, 16 years old from the kingdom of Articus. The son of King Igniteous, soon to be the King. I enjoy aiming and striking Winter Wyverns, collecting their big, shiny, and crystal-like eyes.". He said.

"What's your strength?" Mrs. Emily asked.

"I can manipulate water and ice. I also have a weapon of choice, The Crocea Mors." He said.

Wait, what? A guy from afar, far away realm. I thought we're the only one, the Irregulars in this physical environment. Besides, did he say Crocea Mors? This is crazy! According to my parents' since they're Professors in the branch of mythology. Crocea Mors is a magical weapon from the past, in the medieval legend. Crocea Mors was used by the most famous roman emperor of all, Julius Caesar.

The sword was believed to have shone brightly within the star that moves around and gives heat and light to the earth; the Sun. It was said to slaughter anybody it is overseen to harm. Crocea Mors' meaning, in Latin, is "Yellow Death". It is said to be a gift or a present from the gods' smith Vulcan (the god of fire as well as the fire of volcanoes, deserts, metalworking.) himself. It was initially the property of the Trojan ruler Aeneas, who got it from his mother, the goddess Venus.

It was said to have fallen from the sky and landed in Rome. Julius had it with him amid his success in Britain. I thought that that sword had been buried now because the British Prince Nennius was said to have taken it in a fight. For a short time, Nennius might not be hurt, but he afterward passed on from a wound supported by the sword. Nennius surrendered to his suffering, and the sword was buried with him. That's all.

Artha goes forth to his chair. I made a rushing sound, and then he caught it on.

"Where did you find that cool stuff?" I asked him.

"My father found it when they were excavating a tunnel under the kingdom, then gave it to me as a present." He said.

I asked him again.

"Do you know that, that sword is mythical?" I asked.

"Nope, for me, it's just an ordinary sword." He said.

Okay, so basically he really doesn't have the grasp on that thing.

Oh, guys! I forgot to tell you all something. About what I have mentioned earlier. About the thing called "Irregular".

This is a world whose strongest prevails, and the strong devour the weak.

Some mortals in here are blessed by the Supernatural Being, and some are unfortunate, but... A phenomenon came into existence.

This set of circumstances are rare. There were individuals that have been granted by the Deities. Through their personality and features, they were acknowledged by the gods and goddesses, and that's what an Irregular truly means.

If you're still confused regarding the story of Irregular, just message directly at my Facebook account. Nah, I'm just kidding. I'll explain it all in what lies ahead; the future. Now, let's go back. Each of us was finished introducing ourselves. Mrs. Emily returned to the front and might start the class. Everyone is silent, waiting for Mrs. Emily to spit out her words.

Mrs. Emily's about to talk, but a girl suddenly entered, rushing in. Her sweat fell from her skin. She's messy or untidy like her hair. I badly want to give her a comb.

The girl bends his head and body; bow and tells Mrs. Emily sorry for being late. Mrs. Emily set up or uplifted his left eyebrow and made an angry facial gesture.

She's like the girl from the computer-animated adventure film: Finding Nemo. She reminds me of Darla, the redheaded Australian girl that had braces-faced and also known as "The Fish Killer." But to be honest, this girl is somehow sweet and adorable. She wore a shirtwaist dress and a pair of both stylish and comfortable boots, the gladiator boots.

" I am Gail Garza from the land of Gladiators, 17. I don't have any superpowers and mythical weapons, but I assure you all. I'm at an advantage when it comes to duels. I am at a peak in sword fighting. Won ninety ninety-nine battles. Undefeated in hand to hand combat." She said.

Wait a minute. I thought she's soft and sweet, but it seems she's much braver and manlier than me.

"Hello, Muscle Girl." Lucas shouted. Making everyone laugh, but Gail disregards them intentionally.

"Then, why are you here, Ms. Garza?". Mrs. Emily said.

"My father sent me here as an escape from the horrendous gigantic fire-breathing beast of Lycia, the Chimera. They said it is in isolated mountains, rocks, and caves. After a week, I received a message from a townsman or a fellow citizen from my town. It is said the house of Gladiators; Ischyrós was devastated, and all of the members were slaughtered. The battle turned into a bloodbath. I'm still wondering why they came down from the mountains and went to the surface." She muttered.

You can see the transparency of her emotions. The feeling that you're forcing yourself not to cry on, but deep inside, you know there's a heart that aches. So apparently, she's no heart of steel.

"Okay, you can now go back to your seat." Mrs. Emily said.

As Mrs. Emily goes to the front. The school bell rang out. That means it's recess time!

"You have fifteen minutes to eat and to urinate. By the way, about the food here. You can check out your foods in the canteen, then look for a table to sit on. The names and the orders will be listed, and the payment is in the last week of the semester." Mrs. Emily uttered.

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