Supreme Archer: Taking The Game's Weakest Class To The Top

"You're worth a single arrow." The first immersive virtual MMORPG, The Legend Enigma Online, has conquered the game market! There's not even one person who hasn't heard or seen this game's beautiful and vast magical world overflowing with monsters. Everyone wanted to play this game and be a part of history! Conjuring magic, wielding enormous swords, and even flying across the skies are possible in this game! Guns, arrows? Those are boring compared to this! Jake, however, was compelled to think differently. When the archery became abandoned and forgotten, he took this class and swore to prove others wrong, all because he likes to go against the mainstream! With the bow in his hand, Jake finds passion, talent, and excitement in archery, but will that be enough against the challenges the world keeps for him? It's not only the players that find archery weaker than magic. After the dawn of mana, which happened over two hundred years ago, even NPCs prefer magic over bows. While the other classes have been developed so much by NPCs that players have many luxuries to pick from, the archery is now a mere shadow of its past. That's only the tip of the iceberg of the future Supreme Archer's difficulties! "No matter whatever it is and how long it takes, I'll take everything on and get my archery to the top! The archery where I'm the master and artisan of my bows and arrows, the tailor of my equipment, and pioneer of my own skills!" Hard work, talent, bitter defeats, and uproarious victories–none of it is foreign to Jake! https://discord.gg/ZQ4G84ZtRY - discord server for our community!

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Archer (3)

Chapter 3: Archer (3)

"I missed," Jake commented, his eyes on the arrow stuck in the soft mud.

Richard chuckled, "Keep going."

Jake nodded. He repeated, putting an arrow on the bowstring and shooting it. He had again missed his target, but this time, Jake had put more strength into his arm, translating it into more speed and slightly better accuracy.

At least fifty meters had been between him and the effigy, yet ten arrows had missed their target. There was, however, progress with each one as Jake slowly got the hang of the archery and the needed strength to reach the finish goal.

The more strength he put into his arm, the worse his accuracy became. It could have been said that he focused more on getting to his target than actually hitting it.

Richard hid his thoughts about his potential and encouraged him, "Nearly all mages went through what you have gone. A few had lucky hits, and even less showcased their unnatural grasp of magic and mana. As for archers, only those who had some experience before coming here had hit those effigies. You know, a few players that tested archery quickly gave up on it after tasting the comfort of magic and mana."

Perhaps he had said it out of hidden worries that Jake would be the same and give up on his ambition to become the best archer. It was a part of human nature, after all.

Richard, however, had underestimated Jake and his stubbornness fueled by his desire to go against the mainstream.

"Losers," Jake sneered before stuffing his feet in the mud. His beginner clothes were a plain shirt, pants, and rough shoes from the old era. He didn't mind dirtying them at all.

Richard smiled and followed him, helping the young man pick up the arrows, "This training zone shouldn't cost you any arrows, but nothing is certain. Nonetheless, I can now tell that you are a total beginner and, at most, have seen others drawing an arrow. I'll fix your form so as to you can effectively practice without picking up any bad habits. Just like with any weapon, muscle memory is important. You must practice and practice until you see good results."

Good results were a crucial part here.

Every person had a different view of good results—some were content with five out of ten effigies hit and believed it to be enough to stop training and have a real, thrilling hunting experience on the tutorial island.

Having seen so many 'good results' in the three-month-long practice of the newbie helper, Richard could talk about them for a few days. 

He'd tell his friends about those players who concluded that three effigies hit out of ten was more than enough to descend the cliff and get into the forest to level up. What followed that assumption could have been called a circus as those players were chased like dogs to the cliff—the safe zone.

Richard would have loved to share those with Jake had it not been for the young man insisting on him to teach him the proper form of archery.

"Alright," he said, "Straighten your back and put it into your form! Since you're a beginner, root yourself to the ground and focus on the point you want to reach as much as possible. Breathing is an important factor here. Breathe in and out. Calm down your heart and mind. Draw the trajectory for your arrow and let it follow it. You're the archer here."

After correcting Jake's arms and patting his back alongside the advice he had just told him, Richard took a few steps back and overlooked Jake's form, smiling. 

The newbie was rigid and keen on not crumbling what he'd just learned. Since Richard had corrected his form with the arrow nocked on the bow, Jake only had to aim and let it go.

Jake hadn't done that yet and remained in the same form for a few minutes.

That was when magic happened—at least Richard believed it to be magic.

Jake's aura seemed to have blended with the bow and the arrow. Just from staring at him, Richard couldn't have sensed anything except his focus and the target—the effigy Jake had been aiming for. It was as though Jake's concentration had compelled Richard's view of vision to shift and have them both in his eyes.

Jake's line of vision unrolled toward the effigy's head as he'd imagined the trajectory.

The experienced Richard—whose origins were mysterious—was skilled enough to see that in the newbies's eyes. It was, however, something that a mere newbie who had never held a bow should ever be able to produce.

Jake let the arrow go, and it seamlessly tore through tamed air, hitting the effigy's head.

He exhaled and smiled, "Feels so good."

At that moment, Jake slightly scratched the peak of the archery. 

That one moment got him hooked on it.


A week later.

Jake took off his virtual reality helmet and left the bed. 

It was recommended by the company to play on the bed or just lie on a comfortable spot so as to the body could rest while players' minds flew to another world. 

He perspired so much, even more than during his P.E. classes, which was weird yet uncommon. Jake opened the doors of his room with the thought of bathing, only to have it crushed by his sister standing close to the threshold.

"I've been holding back asking how the gaming goes for you for the week…" she said.

Jake rolled his eyes, "So that's why you have been acting like a weirdo?"

His older sister, Mary, nodded, "You only asked about the relationship levels of NPCs… and that's when I realized that you must still be on the tutorial island…"

"Yep, I've been practicing archery for the week. Tomorrow, I'll descend into the forest and try hunting for the first time. Yeah, don't tell me what I can find there. I'm enjoying the game at my own pace. It's been fun, so I can see myself spending all my free time there from now on."

Mary shook her head and sighed, "I feared you'd go for the archery when I told you about it being the weakest class… is it really fun? You have to taste any fun of this world yet! Sigh! It'll be years before we can exp or do quests together. It's been a while since we've enjoyed something together."

"Isn't it because you go for the extreme stuff? I remember when you nearly killed me once in the ax-throwing pub," Jake glared at her, recalling the moment he'd nearly tasted death.

His sister shrugged, "I mean, you are alive, so it's fine?"

And that's why he didn't like any common activities with her.

"Oh, right. How many effigies did you hit before descending to the forest? You're a mage."

She sneered, "Ten out of ten, consecutively!"

"It only matters if it's consecutively," Jake underlined that and smiled, "Good to hear that you aren't one of those losers. I heard so many stories from Richard about them."

"You got pretty close to him. He didn't bother telling me anything even though we became friends," Mary tilted her head and pondered.

Jake believed he knew the answer, "Were you too loud? I mean, were you yourself on the tutorial island?"


"That's why. Anyway, let me go to bath."

"Right, right! Go and take a bath, you stink!"

"There's no word to describe how you stink whenever you log out."

The siblings began their argument like usual.