1281 The Trial Run! II

Tens of space worms got outside of the spaceship and worked together to manifest a singular gigantic wormhole that was connected with that decided exit point.

Usually, only one space worm was required to create a wormhole, but to skip the entire great void distance, teamwork was a must.

Since wormholes consumed large amounts of energy only during their creation and when utilized, having ten sources of fuel for it was enough to keep it ongoing temporarily until a permanent express wormhole was created.

After a couple of hours, the wormhole was finally finished. It took this long because they had to make it big enough for multiple spaceships to enter it simultaneously.

"You may leave." Felix permitted.

The moment the crewmen received his permission, they went through the wormhole at a moderate speed.

A few seconds later, the spaceship was expelled to the other side of the universe and came to an abrupt halt in the middle of nowhere.


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