466 The Racist Mushroom's Devious Plan!

"After eliminating 4 races cultivation systems, the Vampires, the Werewolves, the Shamans, and lastly the Mooners, the 5th cultivation system has adapted somewhat with your body after major modifications." Lady Sphinx said.

She flipped a page of a new book and continued on speaking casually while at the same time reading, "But, there are many major problems that are hard to overcome. Some of them I am positive that I can fix over time but others, I believe that they would remain permanently since the cultivation system doesn't 100% belong to you. One of those problems requires you to spend a lot of money."

"I see."

Felix didn't care about those problems since he understood that having another cultivation system that was mainly oriented around his strength would greatly help him out in his journey. 

The Bloodline Integration System was good alright for the most part with the primogenitors' bloodlines.


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