148 The Mother Spider's Last Wail!

Without making any noise, the 2nd Mother Spider turned around and pointed her rear in Felix's direction. The spectators held their breaths in anticipation, not knowing what she was planning on doing.

Was she going to make a cocoon out of him and drag him away from the main body? Or simply use her silk as a weapon and straightway kill him?


Their thoughts were answered after seeing a long thick silky string, resembling a metal rod suddenly projected at Felix's back.

It moved so fast, that Felix managed to move only an inch to the left by pure instinct he honed throughout the years. However, his reflexive dodge wasn't enough to get him out of this ambush unscathed.

"Argh!" He groaned in pain while clutching the silky string, that just pierced his left shoulder slightly above his lung. His dodge wasn't totally useless after all.

'What the hell?!'


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