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Felix Maxwell was destined to be a loser, born on one of the weakest races and on the least favorable of situations, he was forced to face adversity head-on as he traveled across the vast universe where dangers laid in every corner, one day traveling in hopes of riches he stumbled upon a ruin where a supreme being laid imprisoned, in a stroke of bad luck the being laid its eyes on him and tried to take over his body, forcing itself upon him. But fate hadn't given up on him! He woke up in his younger body, 20 years in the past with the fallen being trapped in his soul. In his past life he had been a loser, giving up on things mid-way and never striving for greatness, he was a side character who made the strong shine even brighter, but not on this life. He swore to himself he would strive for glory, he would take advantage of his knowledge and emerge as a supreme being! ...... Novel Discord: https://discord.gg/FTfXXYHnFT This is my Patreon, everyone is welcomed to drop by! https://www.patreon.com/MidGard_Author

MidGard · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
1824 Chs

The Fishing Stage II

After rowing more than enough and seeing a good fishing spot, Felix left the copy to continue fishing.

As long as he was capturing fish continuously, he wouldn't start torturing them again...Probably?

Felix carried on and switched to F5, F6...until he had checked on every one of them. The majority weren't doing too shabby.

'Time to get back.'

The moment he thought so, Felix's eyes in his real body opened up.

He swiftly changed his fishing spot since the redfish school had already gone away. It wasn't hard to find one by using the eyes of the golden fish underwater.

Ten minutes later...

Felix's boat was already filled to the brim by three fish species different in shape, size, and color. Some were thin and long while others had plump bodies, making anyone salivate just by looking at them.

The fish used in the competition was from all different parts of the universe, adding a terrifying diversity to the ocean.