1232 The Final Verdict.

After Felix spent more than five hours testing his other enhancements, he decided to call it a quit. He was pretty satisfied with the overall development of his other strengths as the enhancement bonus was insane on them as well.

For example, his mental energy capacity had tripled in size, allowing more freedom in using his mental abilities as well as access to newer ones.

This was huge as it enabled him to finally have enough mental energy to activate his spiritual vision and sustain the activation for a short while!

Though, he had yet to test it as he knew that the spirit's guardian would spot him and kick him out just like he did with Lady Sphinx.

Felix didn't want to risk having the spirit's guardian's eyes on him as he had a strong feeling that he would be able to sense Asna merged with his soul...At least, not this early when he had no preparation to deal with him.


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