415 The Authorities' Interference.

After all, the only reason he was this calm about the entire situation was his utmost belief that he would be freed soon when Felix's energy runs out!

But when the pyramid was sustaining itself by relying on his artificial symbiote massive energy, he could be sealed for days until all of his energy was sapped dry by the pyramid!

Not mentioning, getting suffocated after running out of his oxygen bottles!

Whoosh Whoosh!...

'Now, I could just watch as he dies slowly and painfull...' Felix stopped grinning at once after seeing five jets flying past his head.

He quickly entered stealth mode and turned on his X-ray vision to limit since it was the best when it comes to giving him information about lifeforms.

'They sure arrived quickly.' Felix clicked his tongue after seeing that the army was advancing slowly from every direction towards the blast area.


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