213 Snatching The Crown!

'See, I'm not lying.' Rosanna sent another message, 'Give me the contract to sign and get it over with.'

She was truly used to this situation for her to be this cool-headed!

Not wanting to waste time as well, Felix quickly sent her a mind contract, entailing that she would pay 500 million for her life and they will not interact with each other in the game after.

After the Queen delivered it, Rosanna confirmed accepting the conditions and terms to the Queen, making the contract officially valid without signing with the UVR ID.

"Glad to do business with you, sister Rosanna." Felix unclutched her neck, making her drop to the ground while coughing her lungs out.

Her purple face soon started to regain some of its natural colors. After feeling a bit alright, she raised her head and glanced around her.


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