1188 Kill or Be Killed!

Although Nimo was quite fast, they still took more than two hours to finally cross over the Northern Forest and reach the empty expanse between them and the Third Ocean.

Felix enjoyed the wind blowing on his face as Nimo kept sprinting on the grass field, heading towards the nearest cliffs.

After they arrived, Felix jumped from Nimo's back and landed at the edge of the cliff.

He stared at the far horizon, where nothing but crystal-clear blue water was seen.

'The Cold Lone Island Tribe is at least five hours away from land even if I swim at my top speed.' Felix thought to himself, 'Might as well take my time and explore everything on my path.'

Without further ado, Felix covered his entire body in his void suit, leaving only his gills in the open.

Then, he bent his knees to the limit and launched himself away from the dangerous rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

Eee Eee!


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