618 Heartless Payback!

Inside the Dark Deviant Spaceship, Felix could be seen trying to get comfortable inside the VR Pod.

Unfortunately, that was a bit difficult with tenants in his head arguing loudly.

"We have decided that he will head to my galaxy after the exams if the Void Primogenitor didn't reach us!" Thor yelled.

"The day hasn't even finished!" Jörmungandr retorted, "He might reply in the next hours, who knows?"

"You old fart! You are just being unreasonable now."

"I don't care."

Just as Thor wanted to start cursing, Lady Sphinx closed her book gently and said, "I will contact him again. If he didn't reply in the next two days, we will set to Thor's Galaxy at once."

"Understood?" Lady Sphinx gave them a cold stare the moment she saw their mouths opening up.

In the end, both of them nodded their heads in agreement and went to sit in different places.


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