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Felix Maxwell was destined to be a loser, born on one of the weakest races and on the least favorable of situations, he was forced to face adversity head-on as he traveled across the vast universe where dangers laid in every corner, one day traveling in hopes of riches he stumbled upon a ruin where a supreme being laid imprisoned, in a stroke of bad luck the being laid its eyes on him and tried to take over his body, forcing itself upon him. But fate hadn't given up on him! He woke up in his younger body, 20 years in the past with the fallen being trapped in his soul. In his past life he had been a loser, giving up on things mid-way and never striving for greatness, he was a side character who made the strong shine even brighter, but not on this life. He swore to himself he would strive for glory, he would take advantage of his knowledge and emerge as a supreme being! ...... Novel Discord: https://discord.gg/FTfXXYHnFT This is my Patreon, everyone is welcomed to drop by! https://www.patreon.com/MidGard_Author

MidGard · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
1861 Chs

Half A Century Later...

In a few moments, ancestor Imyr defrosted the gigantic heart and entered it with his wisp of consciousness.

Just like magic, the heart began to shrink in size until it was as small as a normal human's heart. Then, he froze it again and handed it to Mistress Candace.

"Take care of it." Ancestor Imyr said with a stern tone.

"I will deliver it in the exact same way." Mistress Candace assured with a serious expression.

"Candace, make sure to go at your fastest speed." Lady Sphinx requested, "With Felix being in the dimensional pocket, each second on the outside counts."

Lady Sphinx knew that she had less than a year to research the heart and come up with vital solutions that could help out Felix.

She preferred doing so right after he leaves the dimensional pocket instead of dragging it a couple more years...Especially, when Felix would be spending a century inside.

"I will try my best."

"Wait, take this with you."