1231 Force Absorbtion!

Sometime later, Felix could be seen sitting on the floor of his room while Nimo was napping on the bed...Since his growth was halted, there was no point in entering the void realm to eat void energy.

As for his alter ego? Felix gave him a break after spending more than two hours fooling around with Nimo.

"So, you have made up your mind to etch the advanced soul passive right?" Elder Kraken asked for confirmation.

"Yes." Felix nodded.

Felix had made up his mind a long while ago to keep that passive since it allowed him to split his consciousness into multiple wisps.

This was a massive advantage as he could use those wisps to continue cheating his way into mastering complex runic spells.

If he had a connection to the UVR while he was in the Elemental Galaxy, he would have at least mastered multiple greater-grade space spells by now and even branched out to time spells.


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