1184 Exposed By Elder Strauvis.

While Felix was learning a new lesser spatial spell with Selphie and Olivia, he had no clue that the news of his party's arrival and food bestowal had already traveled across the entire globe.

This caused multiple different emotions to arise in almost all the tribes after they heard of the food's quantity given.

Some were regretful for not fighting harder to host them and some outright expressed their desire for their food.

"If I knew they will be able to smuggle this much, I would have made them stay on my territory." Lord Heatiaz expressed with an irked tone as he sat on a throne made out of boiling magma.

Unlike Chief Cloveris or Chieftess Sunflower, his humanoid form was truly fearsome and harrowing as he was standing over seven meters tall with a muscular build.

His body was comprised of molten rock and ash, with tendrils of blazing magma constantly pouring off his form.


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